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Let’s go outside. 

Equal parts pure joy and serious response to transportation-related crises stemming from infrastructure issues and a global pandemic, School Loops seeks to elevate human powered movement in neighbourhoods to the next level. 

Each loop is mapped to connect a small group of schools together by some of the quietest ways, the secret paths or the necessary connections available. Each loop is “branded” with an animal and a colour to make for signs that are easy for young people to follow. Each loop offers possibilities for geography class adventures, outdoor leadership teams, getting to and from school, exploring the world or just smelling the fresh air. Each loop is ripe to be improved with better intersections and better, more safely designed roads along the way. 

Parents are encouraged to get to know the loop nearest them, use them to help their younger ones plan routes to school or setup meeting points and travel them together. Look for the Indigenous languages and learn the words for colours and animals in your landscape too. Student teams are encouraged to get involved in sharing ideas, and to tell adults what would make it better.

Everyone is encouraged to pitch in and become more aware of how kids move through the world. 

Watch out for cars. Tell us if you see a missing sign. Tell us if you need help starting a loop of your own. 

Have fun out there. 


Example of school loops signage:

12" map signage
6" route marker signs

Dedicated to the memory of Cathy Watts.