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The map below shows upcoming mobile ski library visits where you can ski for free, lessons for beginners and locations where you can rent skis by donation. Choose your winter adventure! Please note that mobile ski library events are subject to rescheudling in crazy weather and that Zoogipon at Assiniboine Park will be open as conditions allow! Click the link to learn more or visit us on google maps to give us a call to check during opening hours. 

Groomed ski trails and equipment, near you!

SNOW! LET’S GO. The mobile ski library is back. We have a new location where you can rent skis, skates and other winter equipment at Assiniboine Park by donation! Skis rentals are back at the Bicycle Garden too! Mobile ski library events are free. All proceeds support making our winter programs accessible to all.


See the map for the confirmed event dates.

** If your organization wants to host a ski library too, get in touch. 
Drop us a line.

The first and only one of its kind in the world, Winnipeg Trails’ Mobile Ski Library brings winter equipment and freshly-groomed trails to unexpected places. The Mobile Ski Library events are all about gathering together to spread the joy of winter. Each one is a bit different, depending on the location, the weather, and the fun folks who turn up – but no matter the setting, you can always count on good times outdoors and fun new opportunities!

Our Mobile Library carries cross-country skis, snowshoes, and kicksleds, and we also offer options for people with mobility or vision challenges in the form of sit-skis, wheelchair blades, and other accommodations – and all of it is FREE to try! Come find a new winter hobby!

Be sure to follow @WinnipegTrails on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates, including new events and weather-related schedule changes.

The Mobile Ski Library sprung out of necessity during the pandemic, when people needed safe, fun and affordable activities to do outdoors near their home. The initial library was made possible thanks to government grants and donations of equipment from hundreds of generous Winnipeggers, and with continued support we have been able to expand our inventory of winter gear and the scope of our trail grooming and events!

If you or your organization wants to get involved, we’ll do our best to work something out. To request a Mobile Library visit, request a ski trail near you or share your idea, send us an email.

Hooked on skiing?  Want to borrow equipment you can take anywhere you want?

Lots of local bikeshops carry rental kis in winter and Winnipeggers can access affordable ski, kicksled and snowshoe through Winnipeg Trails if they like Visit our Plain Bicycle social enterprise bikeshop (Bicycle Garden) or the Zoogipon shack at the duck pond at Assiniboine Park. All rentals support free programming. Win win.  Get more info.


Places to ski, here:

We’ve moved our ski trail reporting map over to the TrailForks app, which is a great app for finding new trails and making updates. Below is a map that highlights places to cross country ski near you, including all of the loops we do when the mobile ski library visits a park near you!

Winnipeg Trails Association on

Help report conditions. Most Winterpeg loops last from the moment we host a library until the snow comes. But if people keep skiing, the trails will still be there – or you can make them! If you ski a trail and want to post an update, you can use the handy tool below. You can also post updates on more established trails in the city by visiting and learning more about posting updates. 

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We are grateful for the support of:

Our volunteers including our board.

The staff and the staff of community centres, festival organizers and schools, and the supervisors of parks we visit.

Event partners including Accessible Sport Manitoba, Biathlon Manitoba, Spirit North, Whyte Ridge CC, Bourkevale CC, Lindenwoods CC, Transcona GC, Norwood Grove BIZ, Gas Station Arts Centre, The Beer Can, Save Our Seine and The Forks and more.

You and everyone who has shared their curiosity about winter and their vulnerability with us, especially those who try something new.

Those who made this event possible beginning in the past starting 2020.

And this year’s financial contributors: