Cool Digs Guidelines and Regulations



Guidelines and Regulations*

USE SNOW. The goal of this challenge is to build the coolest temporary winter structure out of snow!

LEAVE NO TRACE. Please respect the grounds you are building on and keep yourself and your community safe. ​
Materials other than snow may be used in the construction such as formwork, but should not be left on site unsupervised and should be promptly removed. No breaking actual ground. The earth below your site must remain intact. There must be no alteration of the original landscape (plants, trees, fences, landscaping, etc.) Structures without dyes or paints are strongly recommended, as these may stain or mark your site when your structures begin to melt in the spring.

Public amenities (park benches, tables, garbage cans, etc.) cannot be moved or incorporated into or out of your building site and your chosen site must be free of these fixtures.

Keep your site free of water buildup to avoid any risk of slipping.

Please respect any pathways or trails, especially walking, ski, kicksled or skating trails that may be established in the area.

We recommend keeping it simple. A small team working together with the right tools can move large volumes of snow! Proposals that use or rely on heavy machinery will make things complicated.

Be conscious of the fact that snow carries a heavy load when building tall and overhead. Err on the side of caution to build a safe structure for the safety of your team and any potential visitors.


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