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CCMF SnowAngels


Help CancerCare Manitoba Foundation fill our province with snow angels in memory of those you love! Here’s how:

1.       Head to

2.       Make your #CCMFSnowAngels anywhere you like in Manitoba

3.       Take a photo of your snow angel

4.       Post on social media with the hashtag #CCMFSnowAngels

Encourage your friends and family to join you in covering Manitoba with #CCMFSnowAngels. Donate to CancerCare Manitoba Foundation in memory of your loved one at or start a fundraising page in their memory. All proceeds from #CCMFSnowAngels will go to support clinical trials at CancerCare Manitoba – ultimately leading to new treatments and more tomorrows for those we know and love currently touched by cancer, and those who may be in the future.

Ice Candles

Reminder to only use rubber-based, biodegradeable balloons and to pickup any little pieces that may escape when you burst them open so little animals don’t try to eat them. Never leave mylar or rubber behind. Here is some info on balloons. Other reusable containers, like ice cream pails, will work too. Those don’t expand like rubber, so use warm water or a sharp tap to free your creation! 


Here is handy trick for making a snowperson if you don’t have the sticky, wet stuff that can be rolled bigger and bigger into a ball. This method works even in very cold weather and can help you make a sculpture out of just about any snow.  Its secret is the special powers of snow itself. When you move snow around and pile it, and add a little time or pressure, snow becomes hard like concrete but as carve-able as clay. Its like making a new material! You can make chairs, sculptures, anything you want. Experiment and have fun! 

**Note: make sure to cut open the bottom of the bag first or you’ll end up with just a heavy bag of snow. Thick plastic work best. 🙂 

A local group is offering prizes for the best Snowman! It is free to enter, and snowman photographs can be submitted to the contest’s Facebook group or by sending an email with an attached photo to lastsnowmanwinnipeg[a]


Check out their contest poster: 


Brrr. Cold out there. Why not make a shelter? Be your own snowchitect. Spend some time in quiet and ice crystal warm quinzhee. 

Other ideas...

There is so much you can make with snow. Share your ideas! 

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